Katherine (Kate) Stern

A pallid, frail and somewhat unusual girl with a very odd pair of eyes. Is somewhat emotionless and is often perplexed or baffled by the way the other people act and emote. Tends to be overly blunt and truthful with people, which tends to cause trouble. She only rarely smiles. Doesn't seem to be "all there." Puts the needs of others before her own, even to the point where she disregards her own well being...and possibly even her own existence.

Vincent (Vinny) Hamasaki

Age 16
Currently the best and only friend of Katherine Stern. Loves comics, cartoons, video games and other nerdy fair. Is half Japanese and half Canadian. Is not dumb, but just has his head in the clouds...correction, it's more like the stratosphere. Secretly wishes to be a superhero, or at the very least, find something interesting in his life other than his unusual friend. Is a bit of a klutz and has a hyperactive personality, which might be attributed to his bouts of ADHD. Tends to overreact and panic to things very often.

Fleur deSaison

Age 16.
Every school has their pretty, rich, popular girl. The kind of girl who travels around in a possie of two or three. The girl who gets all the guys and is the head cheerleader. Fleur is this girl. But there seems to be more to her than her shallow, vapid persona alludes to. Tries to act cool and in control but is quick to aggravate and anger and even assault.

Other Characters

Grandma Rose aka "Pockets"

Age: 72
Katherine's maternal grandmother. Despite her old age, she still has quite a lot of life left in her and plenty of snark and wit to go with it. Cares deeply for her granddaughter who beleives she should be free to make her own choices in live which tends to clash with her son in-law's overly paranoid tenancies, prompting many arguments. Loves knitting and tea.

Perry Stern

Katherine's father. Means well, but tends to be very over protective and paranoid when it comes to his only daughter. Is somewhat annoyed by his mother in-law. Is an accountant.

Inez Romero

One of Fleur's close friends. Seems a little doubting and negative towards her comrades. Likes hoop earrings and purple nail polish.

Brittney Tillion

One of Fleur's close friends. Very environmentally concerned and "earthy". Is a bit ditzy.

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